Gates Perth

Looking for a gate to be installed on your premises? We are capable of installing anything from cantilever gate hardware to ball bearing gate hinges. You’ll find we are able to supply an extensive range of gate hardware that is suitable for most residential applications. We stock a range of gate latches and hinges that are ideal for child safety applications such as swimming pool and playground gates.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are used to secure your property entrance, using a motor and remote makes entrance to your business or residence a breeze. Sliding gates are widely used where operating space is limited. Sliding gates are required in properties with sloping entrances, as the incline makes a swing gate impractical. We can provide you with custom built sliding gate and installation in no time at all.

Swing Gates

Swing gates provide a high level of safety and security to any property entrance. Swing gates are most efficient in residential applications. Quality of gate, posts, hinges and alignment is essential for the correct operation of your automatic gate.